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From left to right: Thomas Prinzler, Prof. Dr. Christian Hackenberger, Dr. Jobst Röhmel and Prof. Dr. Jeanette Schulz-Menger bei der Aufzeichnung des LNDW-Podcast im Klinikum Buch | Photo: LNDW/LHLK 2020

Corona, cancer, and co. – challenges for medicine (episode five of the LNDW-podcast)

Berlin health research ranks among the best in the world. The three universities and numerous research institutes of Berlin develop new therapies that allow for a more gentle and effective treatment of diseases. In the 5th edition of the…

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Gäste und Moderator der vierten Folge des LNDW-Podcasts, von links: Jonas Liepmann, Thomas Prinzler, Prof. Dr. Henning Breuer, Prof. Dr. Rafaela Kunz - Aufnahme im Hof der HMKW vor einer Toreinfahrt mit dem Schild "Einfahrt freihalten" | Foto: LNDW/LHLK 2020

Entrepreneurial spirit – from studies to start-up (episode four of the LNDW-podcast)

There is hardly any other city in Germany and Europe that registers as many start-ups as Berlin: 500 per year on average. The wide range and commitment of the universities and colleges largely contribute to the entrepreneurial spirit of the city. In…

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LNDW Podcast 3.Folge | STATE Studio 31.7.2020 | Fotot: rbb/Gundula Krause

Man as creator – what sciences can learn from nature (third episode of the LNDW-podcast)

Nature has always been a teacher to mankind. However, we have not only learned to adapt to nature, but also to shape nature and our environment according to our needs. In the third episode of the Long Night of the Sciences-podcast, Thomas Prinzler…

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Von links nach rechts: Thomas Prinzler, Moderator des Inforadio des rbb, Prof. Sonja Jähnig (IGB), Dipl.-Ing. Regina Gnirss (Berliner Wasserbetriebe) und Prof. Jochen Rabe (Kompetenzzentrum Wasser)

Water – a future resource for nature and mankind (second episode of the LNDW-podcast)

The second episode of the LNDW-podcast revolves around the topic of water: Together with the Berliner Water Services, we talk about the quality of our drinking water as well as swimming lakes in the region. With the Competence Centre Water, we…

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The city after the coronavirus – the first episode of the 12-part LNDW-podcast series is online

The first episode of the Long Night of the Sciences-podcast (LNDW) series revolves around the coronavirus and the impact of the pandemic on the city, science, and society. Prof. Dr. Ulrich Panne talks about the consequences of the crisis for the…

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The Long Night of the Sciences available as a podcast and as a one-time live broadcast on 6th June 2020

The Long Night of the Sciences (LNDW) can be aurally experienced, starting 6th June 2020. The Inforadio of Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg (rbb), in cooperation with the Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften e.V. (LNDW e.V.) and with support of the Brain City…

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